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January 27, 2016

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May 2, 2017

The most important meal of the day


After a fantastic bank holiday weekend with my family and a morning looking after my young daughter, I find myself at 11am, finishing up my own breakfast and looking forward to the days’ work. Checking social media I find a piece on twitter about the importance of rest to aid recovery and I think, “yes, at last people are coming around to my way of thinking for the last 30 odd years”. Being “lazy” is actually good for you!



On a serious note though, the piece was about how the benefits of having a nap during the day can affect wellbeing as well as aiding the mental and physical recovery of parents.

I’ll openly admit I’m sometimes too relaxed in regards to my exercise to food ratio and as a consequence I’m prone to rapid weight gain, but I’m also an older combat sports coach part time with a great deal of experience in different avenues of activity, especially the martial arts.


With the seemingly unstoppable rise of Mixed Martial Arts and the recent resurgence of Western Boxing being so prevalent in sports today we have become more aware, among other things, of how to build, fuel and recuperate our bodies, and of the potential of our physical selves. Phrases like ‘Train hard, fight easy’ have come to mean something to everyday individuals as well as the combat athletes that coined them.

The healthy lifestyle of the common person is a fine balancing act. We’ve known for a while that nutritionally, if you burn all the calories you eat you will maintain whatever level you are at, and if you burn more you will dissolve any excess. In short, if you want to lose weight, eat less and exercise more. But what we’re now coming o terms with is that that exercise must also still be balanced with periods of recovery inactivity in order to truly reap those benefits.

What that means is that if you burn too much you’ll eventually burn out in some way which will cause other issues down the line. I hear that and I’ll now incorporate that knowing I was almost right in the first place, my scaling was just a couple of degrees off.


So if you eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner, exercise regularly and find the time for healthy periods of rest, your family life and your mental and physical wellbeing will be positively impacted and everything will be better.

I’ve just had my breakfast and now I’m off to incorporate this morning’s lessons into my day. MP Diane Abbot please take note.


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