Plastic pollution is a growing problem around the world and right here in London. Plastic, particularly single use plastic, threatens the health of our rivers, lakes, oceans, marine life and eventually human life. We want to create a cleaner, healthier environment to benefit all of us.

We are now pleased to offer companies opportunities to carry out their own clean-up events using Kayaks or plogging, Getting fitter while picking up litter!

 These events can be fully customised to fit your organisation’s objectives and timetable. 

Get involved in an important environmental project, which benefits everyone and draws attention to the problem of plastic waste polluting our waterways. It will show you the scale of the problem first-hand. At the same time, it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience. Your team will have a fun time on water, (or land) learn new skills and experience the River Thames from the water right here in London.

We photograph these events so you will get a selection of good images for media release. With your permission, we’d be happy to mention your companies efforts positively in our social media channels.


Features: from 10  people

Included: - • Qualified and experienced kayak instructors • Kayaks • Buoyancy aids 

 Rubbish Bags • Gloves • All equipment including safety equipment provided • Public liability insurance  • 


Duration: 2.5 hour event     

Prices from £45.00 per person for half a day Kayaking

Prices from £25.00 per person for half a day Plogging

We can combine 2 teams - one of Kayaking while picking up litter, one with plogging (jogging while picking up litter) 

For more information please email

Green Team Events with a difference.